Activities We Offer | Hostal Las Natalias | Futaleufu


Futaleufú has it all for aspiring kayakers: from flatwater for learning basics to Class V big water for experienced boaters who want to step up their game.

Our team of experienced, bilingual instructors and guides know the area’s rivers like nobody’s business and are happy to share them with you.  We use a variety of teaching techniques to tailor a single class or multi-day package to your needs.

A few examples of what we offer:

3-day Beginner Package (Class I-III)

Spend 4-5 hours on the Espolón River each day for 3 consecutive days gaining a variety of skills including reading whitewater, basic paddle strokes, catching eddies, ferrying, how to wet exit and “t-rescue”, and basic safety considerations.  Possibility of advancing from flatwater on Day 1 to running two Class III rapids on Day 3.

Cost: $350 USD per person; $50 discount if you stay with us. Minimum 2 people

3-day Intermediate Package (Class II – III)

Begin on the Espolón River for a skills assessment in Class II-III rapids, practicing the “eskimo roll”, ferrying, surfing, and other techniques. Depending on both water and skill levels, the next days can be spent on the Azul River (Class III technical) and/or the Futaleufú (Class III big water).  Improve your technical skills and confidence in the water.
Cost: $375 USD per person; $50 discount if you stay with us. Minimum 2 people

Run the Futaleufú River! (Class IV-V)

Are you an experienced kayaker with a bomber roll who wants to be shown the lines down “Bridge to Bridge” on the Futaleufú?  Or maybe you want to take on a different Class V stretch.  Our guides will help make your first descent an unforgettable–and safe–one.
Cost: $160 USD per person; $25 discount if you stay with us. Guides will perform a skills assessment and plan accordingly. 




Enjoy a variety of yoga classes in the town of Futaleufú at Espacio Yemanjá, including Vinyasa Flow and Restorative yoga classes led by hostel co-owner Nancy Moore. One-on-one instruction and private group classes are also available upon request; email if you are interested in arranging a private class.




At Hostal Las Natalias we are lucky to have an impressive rock wall with 3 climbing routes right in our backyard!  Join a weekly rock climbing evenings for guests that includes all of the necessary gear and instruction/belay support, or climb whenever your heart desires if you’re traveling with your own gear.  


Mountain biking is a great way to check out some of the winding valleys around Futaleufú, or cycle to the Futaleufú National Reserve for a day of trekking.

We offer three Trek mountain bikes for rent: $10,000 CLP for a 4-hour/ half-day rental, $15,000 CLP for a full-day.




Futaleufú is known for its world-class white water rafting. We partner with local companies to facilitate the rafting experience you’re seeking, whether it’s a full day of rafting on class IV and V rapids on the Futaleufú River or a family float down class I and II rapids on the beautiful Espolón River.  When you arrive at the hostel, we’ll help you get set up!




Futaleufú is a fly fishing paradise known for rainbow trout, brown trout and seasonal spawning runs of Coho, King and Atlantic salmon. We connect you with local fly fishing guides who tailor one-day or multi-day trips to your interests and experience level. In addition, we offer recommendations for excellent fishing spots on the Espolón River that are walking distance from the hostel.




One of the best ways to explore Futaleufú’s mountainous region is on horseback. We help coordinate horseback riding trips with Futaleufú locals who will show you the rugged beauty and diversity of landscapes in the surrounding area.


Futaleufú offers endless trekking opportunities from short distance hikes to multi-day backpacking trips. We provide guests recommendations and directions for hikes right outside our doorstep and other gems to explore on foot like the Futaleufú National Reserve, a excellent spot for walking, hiking, trail running, birdwatching, and relaxing along the Futaleufú River.

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